Android WiFi Failed To Obtain IP Address | How To Fix?


Unable to obtain IP address? Know The Causes & Solution

It is extremely irritating when your Wi-Fi neglects to associate with the network. Consequently, it is important to settle Obtaining IP Address Error in Android Wi-Fi to connect the Internet with it. There are numerous arrangements on the internet to settle Obtaining IP Address error in Android Wi-Fi issue. There are a number of things that are required to be done according to the suggestions up on the web. But most don’t prove to be really helpful. Therefore, know well the causes and then the solutions to avoid even more complications and confusions.

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Android Unable To Obtain IP Address

What is Obtaining IP Address Error in Android: Wi-Fi Problem?

Let us speak this simply. Say you decide to connect to a network. Now you turn on your Wi- Fi to find out the nearest available Wi-Fi networks. And soon your devices scan one, you are ready to get connected to the network. But when you can’t obtain IP address or simply an error occurs while connecting during such times, it is called to be an IP address obtain error in Android.

Reasons For Stuck Obtaining IP address Issue

There is a wide range of purposes behind unending Obtaining IP address circle issue on Android. Here are some of them:

  • The change on the router of the wireless security settings.
  • Weak signal.
  • Android smartphone (tablet) Glitch.
  • Glitch of the router.
  • Wireless interference
  • Whitelist/ Black-list settings in the MAC address settings of the router.

Besides, the likely explanations said over, the error can occur when your device tries obtaining the IP address automatically. This happens in light of the fact that your mobile phone’s system is DHCP. This outcomes into an “interfacing” circle. Your Android gadget tries to connect yet can’t until the point that something is done to settle the error.

Another reason for this error is entering in the wrong password key for the Wi-Fi network your gadget is interfacing with. Maybe you have written in a capital letter rather than a small one or a wrong digit. Remember that passwords are case touchy. It is additionally a decent practice to check the password key well before writing it in. This will spare you time and dissatisfaction.

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For the principal issue which causes the IP configuration failure, the solution is hereunder:

Solution 1 ( for Android 4.0)

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  • Go to the settings
  • Select the option of wireless and networks
  • Now click on turn-on Wi-Fi
  • Choose the option saying use static IP
  • Then put the IP as 192.168. 1.107, gateway as, Netmask as, both DNS1 and DNS2 as
  • Save the settings made and you are done.

Solution 2 (for Android 4.1 and above)

  • Go to the settings
  • Select the option of wireless and networks
  • Now click on turn- on Wi-Fi
  • Press long on the connected network option
  • Click on modify network
  • Click on IP settings
  • Now go to menu and select static
  • Input your IP address and let the other things remain as it is
  • Now save the settings and you are done.

Solution 3 (general: get reconnected to the Wi-Fi network)

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  • Go to the settings
  • Select the option of wireless and networks
  • Click on turn- on Wi-Fi
  • Now click on the selected desired network and select the forget Wi-Fi network option
  • Now go for the reconnect process by tapping on the network name, entering the password and getting it done.

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Solution 4 (reboot the Android device as well as the router)

  • For excluding any casual glitch you will require rebooting the devices
  • To reboot the Android phone all you need to do is to press the power button and then select the option of restart to get your device rooted.
  • For rebooting the router, sign in to the web interface of the device, then go to the option called system tools and then select the reboot option
  • And if you feel that there might be some problem with your router simply reset the device to the default settings and start right from the beginning.

Solution 5 ( renaming your device)

  • Simply go to the Wi-Fi direct settings
  • Now rename your device. (Remember while you rename your device try keeping simple names)

Solution 6 (do the WPA2-PSK set up of the router)

  • Go to the web interface of your router
  • Look for the page asking for wireless security
  • Select WPA2-PSK as your security settings
  • Look for the encryption type and select AES
  • Save your settings
  • Now redo the steps of solution 3
  • You are now done

Solution 7 (if the MAC filter is on, turn it off)

  • Go the settings of the router
  • Find the settings called Mac filtering
  • Make sure that both the black list as well as the white list is turned off
  • If this is the cause getting the filter off will resolve your issue

Solution 8 ( get your device and the router closer to each other)

Solution 9 ( change the channel of the wireless)

Solution 10 (try downloading an app for the Wi-Fi fixing)

Solution 11 (turn your network notification off)


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