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Anime is a Japanese style of film and television animation and it is ‘not’ derived from animation. It’s something which caters to the interests of both adults and children, with a mild dose of adultery in a very comic way. Anime is motion representations of manga jump or shonen jump. They are like scripts for any movie or tv series. For those who love manga, the link. The whole world loves anime, for they are funny as hell and also they are ‘not cartoons’. So, if you are reading this I presume you already are traveling in the realm of anime. You would certainly know that people watch it not just for fun, but because there is something they can relate to in every anime. 

sites to stream anime

First of all, a person who watches anime knows the value of friendship. Put the lessons of life in real time and color them up in a comic way that’s anime, closer to reality but still so far away. It’s like a crazy wave that sweeps you off your feet but still, you are happy because it felt so miserable before this. Now, Japanese folks watch anime in Japanese (something really worth to learn Japanese) but what about people like us who don’t understand it that well?

What Is This Craze Of Anime?

I once had a friend (this is a true story) and he learned Japanese just for the ‘Oppa’ level of excitement it is to watch anime in Japanese than in dubbed form. But that was way long back when the subbed versions were not available. Now, you have both English subbed and dubbed versions available over the net.

Most of the people watch the dubbed version though the people who prefer the English subbed versions are no less.

Subbed or dubbed, what’s the difference? Well, for both it’s huge.

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Now, take for example, that you are watching a movie in a language unknown to you. If it is the subbed version you are watching you get to retain the expressions your beloved characters make in the clip. If it’s the dubbed version, then you get a simpler translation and easier understanding as it’s in your native language. Well, the difference in simple terms, if you are still thinking what it is, then it is how you like your mind to be stimulated. Folks are very particular about what version they watch and you would be too after a while if you just starting out.

Normally, in the online world of anime, the subbed versions are aired much sooner than the dubbed versions. Sometimes they are both aired at the same time. Though the manga versions come way before the both subbed and dubbed animated version, and it’s trivial as to why. Manga is the script which is thrown into motion called anime then its subbed and later dubbed.

Sites To Stream Anime For Free

If you have good internet connection, you would rather watch anime online than on TV. The reason being simple, the stupid commercials. So, to watch it online you would need a list of sites your fellow anime lovers use for viewing, which is where we step in. Well, hey! We love to help and we love anime.So now, let’s start covering some top animated sites.

This is one of the best sites to view anime with its high-quality streaming. It’s got a wide array of anime films and series in its library. The only drawback about this site is that it’s not available in all the countries. Apart from UK, USA, some parts of Europe and Asia, this site is still unavailable in other parts. Well don’t be disheartened, we got other sites for you. Though if you insist on still using only Hulu and nothing else click this link and set up IPVanish for your device. ( The second method can be quite expensive if you are not earning yet)

Now as I was referring to that we have other sites to watch your anime streams without the geographical limits, here is one of them. It’s plethora of content is enormous as it’s geographic limitless nature. You can find content from manga to anime movie and even dubbed versions of them. It’s also available on google play. (To get it from google play, click link)

A pretty organised site with no more than a single click needed to play the clips. No advertisement whatsoever with great stocking of content in an organised fashion. It’s a free website with no registration needed and also it contains both original as well subbed versions.

It’s a great website answering to every need of a specific anime. Like if you want the whole Naruto content at one place your place to be would be Narutoget , for Bleach it would be Bleachget. The only drawback is that you can only ‘get’ popular ones here.

It is ‘The’ site to visit for the fanatics. Along with all the content, it also comes with the polls and discussion forums for you to connect to your fellows around the world.

It contains high quality clip and I mean really awesome streaming quality of the clips. The only drawback being, the requirement to create an account.

Some Other Notable Sites

AnimeFreak, AnimeCrazy, Anime Season, Anime44

What if you wanted to download the episodes? Hey, it gets really heavy traffic and especially from shows coming off break, the traffic is as comparable as to any site streaming GOT.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Download a video converter studio, from here.
  1. Now there are three modes to download using this tool here:
  1. Turn on Auto detector from settings of tool and allow the browser access. Then every time you click on play, the video clip will automatically download.
  2. Disable the audio recorder. Then copy url of the video and paste it in the blank url bar of the tool. Select you preferred resolution output and click add to downloads.
  3. For live video downloading, go to recorder tab on the top of the screen. Select record, then region. Choose the region you would like to download and then click ok.

I hope that solved many issues faced by the anime lovers both old and new. If you still would want any more specific suggestions, please feel free to speak your mind. We would gladly help, and keep checking our blog for cool info and links.


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