Best Websites To Watch & Download Anime [2018]

sites to watch & download anime

Anime, a genre of animated Tv shows that never gets old. Believe it or not but even today, shows like Death Note feel like something released recently and the main reason behind it is their way of presentation. According to anime fan base anime is said to be the most beautiful form of presentation of art. As the name suggests anime roots from Japanese culture and represents it in a most sophistically precise manner making it enjoyable for any age group.

sites to watch & download anime

I must assume that you too are an anime fanatic like me and surely is always in the hunt of looking for a reliable source from where you could download your favorite titles. Usually, while streaming content online, you’re bound to hit some websites which won’t be SSL certified and you might get an error like “Your Connection Is Private”. I would highly recommend you to read about this before accessing that website.

Well, I must say you are at the right place, because in this article you would be getting numerous websites from where you could watch and download your favorite animes, helping up your cravings for the same. Apart from these sits listed below, several movie streaming sites like solarmovies also host animes, where you can watch them for free.

Note: This article is meant for only educational purpose, neither the author of this article nor the website representing it takes responsibility of the given piece of information.

Best And Latest List Of Websites To Download Anime In 2018 In HD Quality

Starting with the best 9anime is always considered to be the to-go platform by the anime fans, the main reason behind it being their user friendly layout as well as most importantly a vast collection available dubbed animes.

Yes, you read it right, 9anime has got a large collection of dubbed animes which is really hard to find, ultimately ending all of your hard work in one go.

Other perks on the website include, HD quality, ease of use and vast collection of available titles.

Note: According to many, the download option is said to be removed from the website for some time, if you encounter that issue, we ask you to choose another option from the list.

AnimeOut is a website that as its name suggests displays those series which have gone off air and have been completed its ongoing series. In other words, you are going to get all those animes here which have been either completely off air for some time or have moved forward to their next season. This might seem like a problem to latest anime seekers but to those who believe in completing series in one go, this might be heaven.

AnimeOut displays every anime series which fits their description. From the homepage itself you can either select your favorite anime or search for the same. Upon clicking on your favorite one, you would be redirected to a link displaying the genre, rating, duration, and the number of episodes in that particular series.

Here, you get a variety of direct download links making it much easier for those who suffer “Link Not Available” issue in their particular nation.

If you think you can make out with the site’s only “issue” then this website could be your next go-to website because of the ease of download facility provided by them.

In this website the latest results are posted in the homepage itself but you can still search for your favorite anime by using the search bar. Upon clicking your desired episode, you would be redirected to a particular page giving up the short synopsis/description of the selected episode along with the download links.

The best part of this website is that it gives you an option to choose the download quality setting, there are two settings 480p and 720p both of them being adequate to their own club of people.

This website is great for those with download capping problems.

Note: The login details to downloads change every day so keep in mind to track the website time to time.

Kissanime is another great website that lets you download your desired title in various download settings ranging from 360p to even 1080p. This website also enables you to check on the latest animes in the market and even the upcoming ones. To download files, from the website, one needs to register himself on their platform.

The only drawback here is that the user has to create individual downloads as bulk download facility is still not available at the website. However, the website is mobile friendly and works great on mobile devices too.

Another great mobile friendly website, which eases the user by allowing him to select from his favorite on going or completed anime series. The website also boasts a separate news section where they discuss technical issues or even updates.

The website’s download section is really easy to use even for new people and the best part is that the user here also has an option to download their favorite animes through torrents too.

Being 5th on our list this website still comes under our favorite ones!

Another great website for those who love to torrent their favorite animes. Animetosho is basically a torrent aggregator website which means to download stuff you would need a torrent client installed in your device. From this website, one can download their favorite animes in bulk which is a great deal as download each episode individually is not possible, especially when you are fans of big series like One Piece.

Though this website covers near to every anime title available in the market, the interface is not that good but those familiar to the torrent network might find it home.

For bulk downloads and torrents, this is another great website.

If you are looking for a website that has been around for a while delivering unmatched quality to its users, then Animeworldbd is for you.

The website has been on an initiative to provide its users with best quality anime from starting and its been a while since they are doing it. This website is one of the best ones that has been continually updating best quality anime titles for its users for absolutely no charge.

Along with direct download feature to streaming animes on the go, another great perk this website boasts is that the user can find uncensored animes here so those who don’t like to watch censored copies of their favorite animes can look up to this website.

Note: This website has stopped encoding new episodes due to lack of reliable source of funding but the website claims to provide the previously encoded series to their fans forever.


Chia-anime is a one stop solution for those looking for best quality animes at low size, it’s also a heaven like platform for mobile users as this website is optimized well enough to allow streaming and downloading on mobile a piece of cake. Chi-anime is another old in the market website that allows its users to watch or download their favorite titles for free.

The upload frequency of this website is considerably faster than its competitors and you can also find English dubs of all your favorite anime available for download.

Direct download feature is also available readily on Chia-Anime.

Don’t get fooled by seeing the ranking of this website on our list as Anidl is not just a seriously managed website allowing you to download your favorite anime but what’s new in here is that you can also request for your favorite title in the request column, enhancing the overall user experience.

The website also allows you to subscribe to their newsletters through which the user can get regular insight on what’s happening on their favorite platform.

The main reason behind this website’s ranking drop is the annoying popups one has to encounter every now and then while browsing or downloading your favorite anime.

Last but not the least, another entry in the torrent aggregator websites listed in this list. On Animetorrents there’s not a single thing you can’t find, be it anime series, Manga, anime movies, videos and high definition anime graphics. You name it and this website have got it!

What’s the best part of using this website is that unlike other torrent aggregators this one’s not clumsy and boasts a quite premium and neat interface. You just need to get registered on the platform and once registered all you need is a great data plan because this website’s database isn’t small.


Anime is not just another cartoon series; the one experiencing anime knows what I mean to state here. Watching an anime is not less than living it with the protagonist of its series. The above listed sites have been really useful to anime lovers and have always proven the best ibn satisfying their needs for the same.

You can’t possibly judge any website as each of it is better in its own but my personal favorite is Animetorrents as I find torrenting stuff much easier than going with the regular download links. As lengthy as it gets, I’d like to add another site in the list. It’s not an exclusive site which hosts only anime, but a rather hybrid one where you can find almost any movie, tv series & anime. The name is project free tv.

What’s your favorite? Let me know in the comment section.


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