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Atlas One Punch Build Warframe

Bored of the regular action games?

Nothing to do this vacation except sleep, eat and repeat?

Well here’s some news for you.

Open your PC and download Warframe!!!

Warframe is a shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes.

It can be accessed on Microsoft Windows, play station, and Xbox One.

Warframe is gaining popularity because of its unique and interesting game strategies.

With every passing day and new updates, warframe is catching the attention of the youth.

Youth who never gave a damn about gaming also got the tagline gamers because of this amazing gameplay.

So, what are you waiting for? Start gaming.

Build your own atlas one punch build frame.

Atlas is a character that appears on Warframe.

Atlas is called the Titan of Stones and the lord of earthly elementals.

Atlas is a strong character that is available on Warframe.

He is a champion in defeating enemies and with his stone-cold fists and titan’s physical structure, bending rocks to defeat the opponent is no challenge to the mighty Atlas.

Atlas can crush boulders, manifest ramparts and golem brethren to riot the shambling grounds.

Atlas one punch is an ability of Atlas.

Atlas One Punch Build is called landslide hence making Atlas one punch man in the warframe.

In extreme damage facing conditions, Atlas One Punch Build gives the player critical damage, base damage, elemental damage, critical chance.

Abilities of Atlas One Punch Build

  • Steel Charge: Atlas one punch build uses Steel Charge to increase damage on his enemies by defending himself from the enemies. The aura gives Atlas strength and the power to damage the oppose.
  • Fire Power: Firepower of Atlas One Punch Build gives the power to kill the enemy with one punch. This power is essential when the player faces higher levels as it gives the player greater strength which is a must to defeat the enemies and upgrade to the higher level.
  • Steel Charges: Steel charges causes landslide damage.
  • Primed Flow: Primed Flow can store enormous energy which can be used in need.
  • Fleeting Expertise: This gives the player ability to save time.
  • Streamline: For maxed out efficiency Streamline is used.
  • Power Drift and Transient Fortitude: These two auras give the player extra strength and power so that the landslide damage will be extra than usual.
  • Hunter Adrenaline: Hunter Adrenaline is known as a better version of the rage aura that is, you damage, you gain power.
  • Path of Statues: As the name suggests, this is an ability that petrifies enemies giving you more time to gain points by continuing your journey without their interference. Landslides create a trail that would make the enemies statues for a certain amount of time. This is an effective and tough ability which causes more damage on the second punch or blow and drop rubble. (Rubble: Petrified enemies drop a thing called rubbles which is a pick-up item. It gives health back to atlas when he is injured and gives more time to continue playing. Rubber also gives temporary armor giving atlas temporary but useful strength for a while to take over the enemies)
  • Vitality: This provides steel fiber for armor along with health which is a plus point to the player.
  • Wielding Explosive power: Wielding Explosive Power along with the stamina gives immense strength to Atlas and durability is guaranteed through battles.
  • Landslides: It punches the enemy with an exploding sliding punch. Enemies who are not destroyed with first blow gets affected by Landslides and drop rubble for the user to collect. Melee Weapons mods affect the landslide. But it does nothing to affect the stats. Therefore, you can use it with whatever you want. As it gets affected by the damage we need Primed Pressure Point and Spoiled Strike to rescue. Drifting Contact helps with melee combo counter attack.

Does Atlas One Punch build perform?

Oh yes, it does.


You get extra bonus armors and heals with the already available amazing ones.

Basically, it is an upgrade.

Atlas One Punch Build is very helpful in doing immense damage to the opponents and is very much immune to damages.

Tips while using Atlas One Punch Build:

  • Use dash’ s health invulnerability when the attack is devastating and dangerous.
  • Use Landslide Combo Multiplier and Melee Combo Counter to increase Landslide damage.

Final thoughts

So, this is all about atlas one punch build.

Hope that was useful and helped you understand atlas one punch build better.

Now you can master Warcraft with all the knowledge you have gained.

Also, make sure to use the Tips and identify new tricks yourself while playing Warcraft.


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