What Is Facebook Impressum? How To Add One?


What is Facebook Impressum?

The impressum is a newest kind of feature available on Facebook. The impressum feature is available under the Facebook page description setting. Impressum is necessary for pages in certain countries like Germany, etc. If you are an admin of a Facebook page then you can find this feature on your page. For this go to ‘page setting’ of the page for which you want to add Facebook page Impressum and you will see an option saying ‘add impressum’ to your Facebook page. The page impressum will be added to your Facebook page description.

what is facebook impressum

What Is The Meaning Of Word ‘Impressum’?

“Impressum” is derived from the Latin word “impressum” –meaning pressed in, the impressed, impression or engraved. Impressum is a term given legally to a mandated statement that has an ownership and authorship of a document which is also included and printed in the form of books, newspapers, magazines. An impressum page is like that of a website’s about us or terms and conditions page. An impressum should always be written as per the local law, if any specified in your country.

What Is Impressum For Facebook Page?

A regular user of facebook might have noticed the general activities like the one which says ‘what is the meaning of facebook impressum’ or ‘how to add a facebook impressum for a page’. If you are an owner of a Facebook page then you can add little information about your service with keywords highlighting your services and specialization. Examples are like that of pages “Legal disclosure” or “Legal notice” or “Site Notice”, for websites.  This can be a little short info for your site.

Writing Best Impressum For A Facebook Page

You might now be thinking of how to write a best Facebook page impressum for your Facebook page. Facebook page impressum should be as short as possible because people want to know about your page in a lesser time. One should try to add five or six words in your facebook page impressum and these five or six words should clearly explain who you are, what your services are. The main keywords should always be focused on.

Now let us look at the main thing one needs to consider for writing a good Facebook page imprint or impressum.

  1. The company name.
  2. The present address from where you work.
  3. The contact information where users can connect and get their queries resolved.
  4. Also, consider giving information about the company owner and manager.
  5. A direct link to your company’s website and its impressum page.
  6. Registration number of your existing company.

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In today’s world facebook page impressum is becoming viral everyday and everybody wants to increase their reach through facebook likes. If you have a good facebook impressum chances are that you might have a greater reach and people will like your page. This should be unique always so that whenever people want to know they can just directly click on the about us button to find more, then the facebook impressum will be shown.

Adding Impressum To The Facebook Page

Adding impressum is a very simple process,

  1. Login to your account and go to the Facebook page.
  2. Click on “About” section; it’s just below your Facebook page’s cover picture.
  3. In the about section, you will find all the page info section and editing options for your Facebook
  4. Submit to edit and write or copy paste your Impressum text in the field. Please note that there is a limit of characters you can have in your Impressum which is 2000 characters.

Some Online Impressum Generator Sites

  1. impressum-generator.de
  2. http://www.e-recht24.de/impressum-generator.html
  3. http://www.deutsche-anwaltshotline.de/recht-auf-ihrer-website/impressum-generator
  4. http://www.muster-vorlagen.net/impressum-generator.html

Some other similar terms

Imprint: informative articles about the publisher’s name, year and place of publication that must appear on the printed matter such as books and. It is usually printed in a concise form at the foot, and in the detailed form on the verso, of the title page of the publication. Sometimes it is printed on the last page of text. See also colophon.

Masthead: Masthead is mainly used in magazines and newspapers, kind of a printed list of address details, departments, owners and officers. It’s also known as “Imprint” in British English usage.

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Colophon: Colophon is a little statement which contains info related to publication of a book, info such as the time of publication, name of the publisher etc.


With the knowledge on the facebook impressum, hope it becomes easier for everybody to create their page and advertise it accordingly using proper impressum and social media. People who are very much regular on facebook might be aware of the feature, but still there are many who are unaware and this post is exclusively for the people having no idea about the facebook impressum which is a very helpful tool in case you are into advertising your own company or brand.


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