October 4, 2012; Fairchild Farms Rebellion

How can anybody think that it's alright for some multinational, billion-dollar-profit corporation to take someone's property for their own corporate gain? The facts have shown that this corporation (TransCanada) is pressing to force its KXL pipeline down the throat of rural America just so it can make its mega-billions while bringing nothing of lasting value to that same area of our country.

One landowner has had enough of the bullying and lies from TransCanada. After coming onto her land with out notice, even though she had just visited with a TransCanada representative the night before, crews came out and began cutting down her trees in the path of the tar sands pipeline being built there. The final straw was just another apparent lie on the part of TransCanada. Having been told that slash left from the tree clearing operation would be mulched and returned to the soil, crews started piling all of the debris into huge piles and lit them on fire.

TransCanada unwittingly lit the fuse that convinced Ms. Fairchild that it was time to let the world know that this foreign, tar sands peddling corporation was not going to walk all over her without a fight. Visiting Ms. Fairchild that day was a well-known American patriot who is known for standing up against these types of corporations: Daryl Hannah. The two of them charged out onto the KXL pipeline easement and stood down TransCanada's massive machines and flames they'd set.

The courage that these two American citizens showed is a clarion call to all Americans who care for their rights, for clean water, and for justice. Their's is a call to join them in rebelling against the wrongs being inflicted by TransCanada upon the citizens of this country.

Images provided to The Fredonia Rebel Post courtesy of the freelance photography of dasilvafoto@gmail.com, all rights reserved.

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