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how to farm relics

Farming Relics? And looking for the best missions to farm different relics? Then you are at the right place.

Below is the whole description of farming the relics like Lith, Meso, Neo, Axi.

Farming of Lith Relics

Spear on Mars is the best mission for farming the Lith relics.

If you run with Ember on the world on fire build then you can easily do 10 waves in just 6 minutes.

Well, you don’t need Ember to run this mission efficiently, an alternative like speed Nova can be used but Ember would be the good choice to run with as it makes it really fast and quick.

In case you are running with Ember and wish to bum rush the waves to get the relics much sooner, then it is advised to do it solo because if you are running solo you will have fewer enemy spawning in.

And, also you don’t have to worry about your random party members running over the tileset causing the enemies taking cover at weird places and slowing them down.

The drop chance is not 100% on relics so you will get a random mod like vitality or trick magazine every now and then, but very often you will get a Lith relic on waves 5 and 10.

Farming of Meso Relics

If you are farming Meso Relics then IO on Jupiter is suggested to be the best one to farm them.

Basically, IO on Jupiter is the corpus version of Spear on Mars.

It is considered to be an inch better than the Spear on Mars because here the tileset is smaller and spawning locations are close to each other and if you are running with Ember on the world on fire build then under 5 minutes you can do 10 waves.

All you got to do here is run from one side to other on the world on fire.

Bringing in an automatic weapon to deal with nullifiers we suggested because you will get a couple of nullifiers going from wave 5 to 10.

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So, if you run this with a bow or sniper rifle it will take you a while to take the bubble or you are going to run into the bubble which will eventually deactivate your world on fire.

To prevent it, bring the automatic rifle and start peppering the bubble.

Nullifiers will die as soon as the bubbles go down.

Same like that in Spears, Relics don’t have 100% chance but very often you will find an endo and most of the time you will get Meso Relic on waves 5 and 10.

Farming of Neo Relics

The best mission to farm Neo relics is Hydron on Sedna.

It is pretty much similar to IO in the context of tileset and spawns points.

But the difference is caused by the level of enemies, here they are of the much high level.

So, Ember will not really be that effective as in Spear or IO and ten waves will take approximately 10 -12 minutes.

So, three are basically three setups you can use and the very first one is Saryn Spore Build, a high-efficiency setup which can be used while farming Hydron in solo mode.

The second one is Resonating Banshee, a faster setup and also more power hungry but this can get expensive.

And the final one you can use on Hydron Leeching is Trinity EV Build, a setup for leveling weapons.

Once again, the relics don’t have the 100% chance but every now then you will get a random mod which drops on rotation A which is waves 5 and 10.

Farming of Axi Relics

Hydron does reward Axi relics on rotations B and C.

But if you are looking to just farm Axi relics then better to opt Hieracon on Pluto.

It is one among the few excavation missions you can do solo because you won’t be suffering from enemy spawning while in solo mode.

This instance may not occur very often but there will be sometimes when your excavator will be running out of the power.

But the rewards on Heiracon are really good you can get a 400-endo pack in rotation A which is excavator 1 and 2.

And on rotation B which is excavator 3, you can get a Neo relic and finally on the fourth excavator you will find the Axi relic.

Getting really faster to the final rotation is the reason behind choosing the Hieracon over Hydron.


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