October 3, 2012; Photos from the Front

Photos on this page were taken at various areas along the Keystone XL pipeline path during the end of September and early October. They represent activities of TransCanada's employees as well as activities of some of those opposed to TransCanada's ongoing activities.

Images provided to The Fredonia Rebel Post courtesy of the freelance photography of dasilvafoto@gmail.com, all rights reserved.
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On Saturday, september 29, TransCanada employees sent their feller/buncher onto Ms. Eleanor Fairchild's land to begin clearing the path for their Keystone XL pipeline, a.k.a. Gulf Coast Project. Having taken her property via claims of eminent domain (Ms. Fairchild never signed a contract with the company), crews moved in with no announcement, in spite of the fact that she had just had dialog with a TransCanada representative the very evening before.

By the time Ms. Fairchild realized that the machinery was operational, the feller/buncher had cut a path along the back side of her pond and was on its way down a sandy hill toward an area which had a sign reading "Wetland Boundary". After talking to employees and to a law enforcement representative, work effectively halted its forward motion. Widening of the cutover swath was then initiated as the machine turned back toward where the cutting had begun.

Amazingly, work started up early on Sunday morning, despite the steady rain that lingered from Saturday, and both work and rain continued through the late afternoon. Two days later the swath through the wetlands on the Fairchild property was virtually complete.

Now the signs have been replaced by ones that read "Waterbody". Semantics? One would doubt it.

-a feller/buncher moves downslope toward a posted wetland boundary area

-days later the area is call a waterbody.... ...?

Meanwhile, at another part of the tar sands pipeline path, on land where one might find a Tree Village, similar activities could be seen taking place. A variety of new and different events unfolded over the waning days of September and the first few days of October.

The changes were initiated by actions taken by TransCanada in response to David Daniel's powerfully documented claims of fraud on their part in coercing him to sign their contract to build the KXL across his land. It seems that they found a way to silence his voice of dissention against everything the Keystone XL pipeline stands for. One of the results was to cut off the Tree Village from the outside world. The Blockaders are now left pretty much on their own with virtually no access to the outside world. Virtually.

In an effort to gut the Tar Sands Blockade, TransCanada hired a private investigator / process server to hunt down the suspected leaders of the group. This in an apparent attempt to stifle the group's successes. This same person was seen trespassing onto Mr. Daniel's land and snooping around his property off of TransCanada's easement. Unfortunately for TransCanada their hired hand was earlier overheard saying something to the effect that he sure was glad for all the extra work hours...

At the Tree Village the sitters continued their work to defend the ancient trees and spring-fed creeks in the path of the KXL pipeline. A new addition to the village was a monopod upon which an intrepid pole-sitter broadcast live-streaming video for almost 24 straight hours. Even though TransCanada cut trees right along, but just outside of the easement, life in the trees goes on.

Danny Haney apparently trespassing to pilfer someone's notebook

-live streaming from the monopod

-Danny Haney, TransCanada's private eye & process server extraordinaire, still looking for Ron:
6 days in a row, and counting

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