How To Get Old Snapchat Back? How To Downgrade Snapchat?


Generally, smartphone users like to keep their buffet of apps updated. I’ll humbly include myself in. We’re all curious beings and always on the look out for new features of our favorite apps. Following the ritual, most of the Snapchat users innocently updated their apps last week, only to get shocked by a plethora of changes. Not only the users didn’t like new features, but they started getting freaked out to an extent that no one wants to use the new Snapchat version. Every wants the old Snapchat back. Here’s a simple guide on how you can downgrade Snapchat and get back the older version.

how to get back old snapchat

I’d like to remind you guys that, apparently, Snapchat Support noticed the havoc being taking over the Snapchat users and posted a series of steps that users should take care of while uninstalling the app. I’ll also include so that you can follow them too.

BackUp Memories [Mentioned By Snapchat Support

Under Settings>>Memories>>Backup Progress ‘Complete’.

Here, ‘Complete’ means that all the snaps in your memories will be backed up. If you don’t wish to create a complete backup, then tap to select the snaps for which you need a backup.

How To Get Back Snapchat Old Version?

  1. Delete Snapchat App.
  2. Settings>>iTunes & App Stores>>Turn Off Automatic Updates.
  3. Re-Download Snapchat.
  4. Type in your Email & then hit Forgot Password.
  5. Choose to reset via phone. Get the code and type it in to change the password.
  6. Login to Snapchat. You’re back to the old goody Snapchat times.

Witnessing so many Snapchat users fussing about the new features, it seems like Snapchat might take everything back to history. Apparently, some user asked for the number of retweets against which Snapchat will take back the new features and the reply was of 50k. So do not waste a minute in contributing to this tweet.


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