Kodi Exodus Not Working | How To Fix?


Well, 90% of us need a source to watch the Discovery through the eyes of the enterprise. Kodi is such a source which, unlike Netflix and other paid sources, tends to have streaming issues to cope with. These issues are most of the times the compatibility issues with the browser or the system and sometimes it’s the site blocking and change of URL. While the later needs only a VPN change ( for which you can use) the former issue is much more of a hassle. Now let us see how to go around and overcome this former issue to watch our favorite movies or series online in the best quality without a dime to be spent. You can find it here for Kodi first then for Exodus as you move down.

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Kodi Exodus Not Working | How To Fix?

Kodi & Exodus Not Working

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  • Install the latest version

For starters uninstall the earlier versions of Kodi from your device. Then download the latest version of it from the Kodi download page.

          Downloading the latest version was to minimise the errors which you faced in the past from reoccurring again.

Now let proceed to fix the errors or glitches. After that you have you installed the latest versions on your respective devices, follow the simple steps below to fix Kodi. If you have an iPhone or a Mac you might want to check out the requirements for running Kodi on the link here. With a little surfing through the given link, you can check requirements for other devices and OS as well.

How To Use KODI & Install Exodus?

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Now let’s proceed to the steps you need to take to run Kodi smoothly over your device.

  1. Install and Open Kodi (see! the first step was so easy)
  2. On the Home screen, go to System (gear icon in the middle of this screen) then hover to File Manager and from there to Add Source. Now here, for those who have just installed the latest version of Kodi, the space would be blank. But for those who already have installed Kodi and done their own work to fix the errors the same can’t be said. So, just wipe the content in the Add Source space and we are good to go.
  3. Now in the blank space, enter the link~ http://mediarepos.net/kodistuff . In the space below on the same page asking for the name enter~ smashrepo. Then click ok.
  4. Now after this is done for good. Go back to the Home Screen and then go to Add ons. After selecting Add on option from the top left select Install from Zip File and then smashrepo. It might take a while to install which you get the installation updates popping on the top right.
  5. After successful installation go back, then select Install from Repository. After this select smashrepo then Video Add-ons then Exodus.

Go grab your chips and snacks meanwhile from the kitchen. You will receive a notification when it’s done and your Kida is back with Exodus and ready to rumble.

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If it still ain’t back to running without glitches, there is no need to throw your snacks in a fury. Just check the links mentioned at step 3 then reboot your device and grab a coke from the refrigerator. It is done with now!! See, you didn’t need to rush and throw those snacks away.

Why Should You Use VPN For KODI?

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Now as per the countries where the URL is blocked by our ‘beloved’ governments there is no need to worry. Most of us already know this, but for those who resonate with me from one year back would like to have a VPN to just ease your worries. Well, these days it’s no big deal, I will share here a link for that VPN dilemma. The link would be:

https://www.ipvanish.com/?a_aid=jt1111&a_bid=48f95966 (this was specially made for the XBMC as some say)

Now sometimes, just sometimes your wiseass TV guy would be blocking your Kodi transmission receiving. At such times you can avail your magical VPN software’s help. For the guide on how to use it, click here for a tutorial by a fellow Mr.Goodwill.

The problem which is caused by none of the living would be by your machine running the Kodi with Exodus, for that you’ll need to get a cooling device.

That’s all folks ..if there are any more queries on add-ons wait for other posts or better suggest us with what you would need to make your Kodi a beast streamer.


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