Music Download Sites Like MP3Boo


“Music is the food for soul” It’s an old adage but still stands true. We all love to hear music but gone are the days when we used to buy cassettes and CDs to listen to our favorite song. With the advent of technology, we can now download everything. With an app and few clicks, you can download any song or album of your choice.

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music download sites like mp3boo

When we are talking about music download then there are various websites which offer this feature and one of the prominent amongst these is MP3Boo. The website was known to allow free music and album download but since the time of its shutdown, the music lovers were left perplexed. I am a music lover too and have figured out some of the new websites which offer music and album download similar to MP3Boo.

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Websites Like MP3Boo To Download Music

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  1. InstaMP3- This is a great music download website. The good part about the Instant MP3 website is that it has some advanced search options wherein you can check out the recent searches done by other users. You can enter the name of the artist or album or song that you are looking for and the window having the desired song will pop up, choose your favorite number, you can either listen to it online or can download it.
  2. Loudtronix– It’s a great substitute for MP3Boo. One of the important features of this website is that it uses YouTube videos, thus making the search for your favorite song a cake walk. The songs which are otherwise difficult to be deciphered on other music websites can be easily searched on this website. Another important feature of this website is that you can add an extension of this website to your chrome tab and you can download the video on YouTube in the form of MP3.
  3. Mp3INT- This site is best for those who are searching for a particular song. You can find the search box on the homepage, enter the name of the song and you can download it from there, however, you cannot search a complete album here.
  4. MP3juices– Yet another alternative for those who miss MO3Boo. All you need to do is search for your favorite singer or artiste or song and you will get the song on your screen, the next step is simple, listen to it, download it ort save it to your Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.
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  6. Israbox- If you are fond of downloading the complete music album then you can consider Israbox as a popular substitute for downloading a complete music album. It has all the popular music genres. if you are the kind of person who likes to ig deep into stuff, then this is a perfect website for you, it features songs along with song synopsis about it. The only drawback this website will have while you try to download your favorite song is that up you will have to subscribe before downloading, however, if you click on the Turbobit link, you can download for free without any subscription.
  7. New Album Releases– Whatever is your taste of music, the New Album release will have it all for you. Just search, click on the link and you are good to go.
  8. Plixid- This website showcases your song list in a very organized way, having a simple layout and user-friendly interface. Click on your desired album and you will have the tracklist along with the link mentioned there, click on it and download it.
  9. Leaks4Ever- Want to have access to music before its even released, it’s time to get red-handed with Leak4Ever. Owing to Try before you Buy policy, you can explore the whole new world of albums and song for free some of which are unreleased.  In case you land up on a non-functional link, you can click on the Report Dead Link and rest will be sorted.

I hope this info will help you find your favorite song without any glitches. Don’t forget to leave your comments below.


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