‘Ok Google’ not working? How To Fix?


“Ok Google’, a command or a sentence that might sound popular or familiar right? Yes, it is the famous voice command opening that we use while searching for something over Google with speech. A command that has taken the entire world at its pace, a command which is very famous and rightly used. But wait a minute, could ‘Ok Google’ also face the problem? Yes, it can. There can be some issues arising with its functionality on an android phone. Many users have complained of ‘Ok Google’ not listening and not working, and this article is solely for the rectification purpose. The article will help you get out of a scenario if you are stuck in where ‘Ok Google’ might not work.

‘Ok Google’ not working? How To Fix?

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Different Solutions To Fix ‘Ok Google’ Not Working Issue

Solution 1

Voice search can only understand the US English being spoken, hence, a person needs to speak more or less the US English otherwise it won’t work. Before using the system, make sure that US English is already selected on the android phone. This can be done with the following steps,

Settings à Language and input

Solution 2

The other thing we can do is take care of the apps running behind. There are some inaccessibility apps that run behind, such as KingRoot, Applocak, etc. These apps need to be switched off for better experiences. In order to switch the inaccessible apps, do follow the below steps,

Settings à Accessibility

At the top, you might see those apps working. Tap on the apps and select ‘Switch Off’ option to turn the functionality of the apps.

Solution 3

The other reason for the ‘Ok Google’ to not work might be the microphone issue. Once you open the Google, and say “OK Google’ or press the microphone option, the microphone option should look bold without any dotted lines. If you see dotted lines, or if it is anything unusual, then remember to clean your microphone that might be dirty because of which the voice is not recognized properly. The microphone can be cleaned using pins and other ways if possible.

Solution 4

Always remember to keep the app up to date. In case the app is not updated, problems like these might appear. Hence, open the Google play store and tap on the option ‘My apps and games’, here you can see all your apps listed, search for Google here and try downloading a newer version if available.

Solution 5

If the background apps are running which can make a noise while you are trying to communicate with the ‘Ok Google’, then the microphone might not pick the voice properly and create confusion. In such cases, the background app with a sound might either be kept on mute or might be stopped.

Solution 6

Updating the language pack is very important for the feature to work. Even though the language might be selected as US English but still if the language pack is not updated then the feature might give problems. One can update the language pack by following the below steps,

Language settings à Offline speech recognition à English à Update available

Solution 7

This problem might be exclusively only for the Samsung users. The S voice feature in the Samsung phones is not compatible with the ‘Ok Google’ feature and henceforth might create problems while using the Google feature. Disabling the S voice feature might not help instead the feature has to be removed completely from the Google feature to work properly.

The above-provided solutions must help you in case you have trouble using the ‘Ok Google’ feature.


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