September 19, 2012;
Franklin Rolls Over

A Tar Sands Blockade occurred on FM 3357, just north of Winnsboro, Texas, in Franklin County on Wednesday, the 19th of September. Three individuals locked themselves to equipment in TransCanada's Keystone XL pipeline path. They risked arrest in order to help stop the transport of toxic dilbit from Alberta, Canada, to the Texas coast where it would be refined and shipped overseas.

Well, Benjamin Franklin would have rolled over in his grave had he known how justice was perverted in reaction to this civil disobedience. The story unfolded on the property of one Charles Dickens (seriously!), where the arbitrary pencil line between Alberta's tar sands and the Port Arthur refineries was drawn. TransCanada's man directed the local authorities to ratchet up the reaction to the blockaders, and Franklin County's enforcers were more than willing to show who was boss.

They began by chasing off neutral observers, even telling them to get off the public property on the Texas tax-payer's highway right-of-way. After arresting two observers who refused to leave this public property, they got to work extracting the locked down blockaders. One of the blockaders who was secured to a de-barking machine almost had his arms broken by law enforcement personnel before he could be extracted.

All five were then held over 48 hours in the Franklin County jail before they were able to see the judge. Is this something that is acceptable in 21st century America? Where is the professionalism that was lacking here, but was much evidenced in Polk, and Hopkins Counties during previous civil blockades there? Evidence indicates that TransCanada is calling the shots. We call on all County law enforcement to resist the bias that was shown in Franklin County, and to demonstrate an understanding of the call for professionalism in performing their public duties. Just because you wear a badge does not mean you are above the law.

The following photos were taken at the FM 3357 Tar Sands Blockade.

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