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rhino build warframe

Are you looking for any build in Warframe to support the team?

As in boost their armor and increase their attack damage and more, Rhino Stomp after the recent improvements have many players running behind it building, testing and experiencing new levels of gameplay and fun.

Today, we will discuss the Rhino Build with Stomp as the main focus skill.

There are various modules, auras, and features to choose from, you could make your build and share it in any Warframe supporting platform.

I will provide the most common and most stable build which can be used for any mission.

However, Rhino Stomp builds are suited for survivability and defense missions.

If someone in your keeps dying, this build can be used to revive or provide them defense and attack boost to increase their survivability.

Stomp Build

The mandate modules and auras needed for Power Strength, Armor, Range, Duration and Efficiency.

Let’s talk in depth about the Stomp build. The modules that you need are:

  • Aura based modules are not specific but I’d recommend Energy Siphon since you will be used 70 energies per Stomp and you will be using constant Stomp even with the 10-second duration and 36.25 range (minimum specifications)
  • Steel Fiber or Armored Agility will increase the Iron Skin’s health
  • Transient Fortitude or Intensify or Power Drift increases the Iron Skin’s health further which thereby enhances damage buff from the roar and Rhino Stomp
  • Primed Continuity or Continuity increase the duration of Roar and Rhino Stomp
  • Streamline maximizes the overall efficiency all the abilities
  • Primed Flow improves maximum power so you need not worry about casting ability draining your energy, Rhino Stomp is you must use the ability for every 10 seconds minimum
  • Stretch increases the range of Roar and Rhino Stomp

With these mandatory modules, you are almost set for a mission.

However, there are a few optional modules to consider for any empty slots.

You could choose any supporting modules but keeping an open mind here will help you.

Optional Modules

  • Constitution further increases the duration of Roar and Stomp
  • Flow can be used instead of Primed Flow
  • Cunning Drift can be replaced with Power Drift and this also increase the range of Rhino Stomp and Roar

With both mandatory and optional modules, you are set to do your missions.

Let’s check out the 4 abilities of Rhino Prime which will assist you to exploit the build and have much more fun.


  • Rhino Charge is not really used in this build nonetheless it is an ability of Rhino Prime
  • Iron Skin is a must use for this build which provides a health boost of 5900 for the entire team costing 35 energies while used
  • Roar multiples the damage by 2 for the entire team with 25-second duration, 36.25 range and costs you 52.5 energy
  • Lastly the star of the show, Rhino Stomp provides an excellent 1600 damage with the right build and modules along with the range of 36.25 range and 70 energy cost. This range and damage will vary based on the build you choose.

A good to know the information is that Rhino Stomp damage doesn’t go through obstacles in the environment and it diminishes over a certain distance.

A weapon that you choose here can be high damage one since you will not be doing much of killing anyway.

Apart from your Rhino Stomp and Roar, you could still kill a few enemies easily so just aim for headshots since the enemies are completely in midair without any movement.

You need to focus on three things here, these three things will certainly make your build an excellent team supported by increasing their support and survivability.

Final Thoughts

After the second release with a few bugs removed and some improvements for Rhino Prime, it has been attracting more players due to its high mission success rate along with the hardcore support role needed for any team play.

There are a lot of new builds with new modules that are being tested to improve the Rhino Stomp even further, these clear high-class missions and can be certainly considered for endgame tank and support roles too.


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