October 31, 2012; Tree Platforms Come to Nacogdoches County

Tar Sands Blockade, that wiley group of modern patriots from across Texas and the nation, continue to concoct new twists in their application of non-violent, civil disobedience. This time it's twin platforms on opposite side of a road near Sacul, in Nacogdoches County, Texas.

Two courageous women have climbed onto platforms suspended from large pines, and attached by ropes to TransCanada's land clearing equipment. While local news reports are emphatically exclaiming that these two protestors are from out of state, they are blatantly remiss in reporting that this same foreign, multinational corporation has brought in a land clearing contractor, and workers, from outside of Texas to this same location on their tar sands pipeline route.

The story has it that the two women spent the entire day on the platforms while local law enforcement conversed with TransCanada on how best to approach their extraction. By evening a cherry-picker with an 80-foot arm was brought in and one of the blockaders was brought down and arrested. The second blockader, having watched her friend removed climbed higher into her pine tree as the machine's arm, with two sheriff's deputies in its basket, came closer. One of the deputies cut branches with an axe, and both removed the platform from the tree.

Eventually, as darkness approached, the remaining woman had climbed well beyond the machine's reach, and so it moved away to make room for the generator and lights that would be brought in to effect sleep deprivation on the inextractable blockader. With no food or water, or warm clothes, and the majority of police and bystanders left for the night, the lone tree blockader, having been watched over by a handfull of friends on the ground through the early morning hours, climbed down around 2:00 a.m., and was promplty arrested and carted off to jail.

Photos contributed by Steven DaSilva, dasilvafoto@gmail.com, all rights reserved.

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