Nintendo Switch Jailbreak | Is It Possible? [Brief Discussion]

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With the closing of business year, Nintendo has dropped some huge news insights, revolving around the running of their organization & profits gained through sale of their wide range of products. I’ll quickly give you the overview in shortly before I open up the topic for today, which is Jailbreaking Nintendo Switch. Would you even call it a jailbreak? Is it possible? How, if yes? We’ll walk slowly through all the answers to these questions in this article.

First thing fist, the Nintendo has swapped their President to have Shutaro Furukawa take the position as the just turned Ex-President, Tatsumi Kimishima, steps down from the position. At the same time, Switch has helped Nintendo raise their profits from $270 million from previous year to over a billion dollars at the end of current financial year. It has been established that the number of Nintendo Switch sold worldwide in the first quarter of this year surpasses the number of Nintendo Wii U sold worldwide in it’s entire lifetime, by miles!

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That’s some serious business going on! Anyways, moving on to the debate in question, Nintendo Switch Jailbreak. Jailbreaking, in general, is a decision you make to give your device superpowers, so that it can do things for you which it couldn’t. But, as it is said, with great powers, come great responsibility. Keeping the powers of jailbreaking in check is important & if you don’t know what you’re doing then you & your device would be better off without a Jailbreak! Just as a sidekick, have you heard of SB Game Hacker? Apparently, I came across the app yesterday and thought of sharing it here. Anyways, moving on.

Switch is fairly new device in the market. Coming up with a jailbreak for a new device, building a community who can contribute their time towards it & finally finding people who are willing to test the development, takes time. We can sure of having good things on our plate soon though.

What’s Going On In Switch Jailbreak Community?

ReSwitched, the team who has been working to exploit the hardware since last year, explained how they used the concept of “Voltage Glitch” that eventually helped them run unauthorized code on the Hardware. Having sent their report on successfully exploiting Tegra X1 Bootram chip, they decided to withhold the disclosure of their findings until some anonymous user went on to reveal the Tegra X1 chip exploitation based on the same concept as that discovered by ReSwitched. This was followed by other hacking communities releasing their version of exploits, not all of them based on the same “Voltage Glitch” concept though.

In fact an exploit found by Fusée Gelée and ShofEL2, is focused on bootrom bug which is outright simple & doesn’t require tools like modchip. All of these are available on the Internet and anyone could use them to break into their Switch console & jailbreak it. But I doubt how much of it will be useful as most people who spend time trying to hunt down these loopholes, do it for their love towards the process. This in turn helps the developers who’re adept at developing custom firmwares. Until some really interesting custom firmwares make their way, it may not be completely fruitful to jailbreak your Switch.

As a matter of fact, I’d like to believe that all know how dangerous it is to try & jailbreak you one & only Nintendo Switch. You must really know what you’re doing unless you’re playing with a secondary Switch.

What Can You Do After Jailbreaking Switch?

Jailbreaking essentially give your a full fledged authority to the device’s operating system. The set of rules made by the developers of the operating system no longer stand true after jailbreaking. This essentially grants you the freedom to use it in any way you want, add new features that were never meant for the device & customize it the way you want. Breaking into the rules, however, will cost you the device warranty. Why you ask? Because the terms & conditions associated with warranty gets violated once you jailbreak the device.

Currently, if you decide to jailbreak your Switch, there’s not much you can do after that since all the fun stuff is still being cooked in the developers’ kitchen. Homebrew launcher is something you can look forward to as of now, but that too supports only 3.00 version, not even 3.0.1.

Here’s the authentic guide which will help you install Homebrew Launcher on your Switch. Good Luck!


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