20+ Windows 10 Custom Themes & How To Install Them? [2018]

best windows 10 custom themes

Although Apple, with it’s sleek design & closed environment has influenced numerous people prefer it over Windows, there are still many geeks out there sticking to Windows for it’s simple user interface. Interface can further be personalized with the help of Windows custom themes. People like me prefer to overwrite the default Windows theme, to have more control over the aesthetics and accessibility. Today, I’m going to share a compelling collection of custom Windows 10 themes. So let’s get started.

Windows 10 has completed more than a year in the market & just like any other newly launched operating system, it has undergone many bug improvements. Various bugs in the design & interface have also been fixed, which has led to enhancement of the UI experience. Hence, installing a custom theme, now, will surely transform your desktop and the way of interacting with system. Windows 10 custom themes are spread over a wide spectrum & can be either free or paid depending upon the premium feature it has to offer.

best windows 10 custom themes

Now there are uncountable sites on internet from where users can download custom Windows themes. However, not all of them are safe. Some are filled with malicious bugs & viruses waiting for users like you to be downloaded. Though I’ll be putting out only authentic & reliable sources in this article, you should know how to identify a harmful source by yourself. The easiest way to do this is by looking out for sources which are communities also. Communities are host to interest driven people and hence are safest place to be on Internet.

How To Install Windows 10 Custom Themes?

Before I actually starting listing down my best picks for Windows 10 custom themes, let me give you a quick overview about how you should go about installing a custom theme on Windows 10.

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You’ll require to download a software, UltraUXThemePatcher which make the process of installing Windows 10 custom themes very simple. You can check some YouTube tutorials on how to use UltraUXThemePatcher to install custom themes. I’ll dive straight in the list now.

Best Windows 10 Custom Themes

Windows 10 theme can enable you to customize hell lot of things including the wallpaper, mouse pointer or even the desktop interface. However, most of the default themes by Windows don’t include all the features that a theme is capable of. Talented developers who have keen eye for design work word to build custom themes for Windows which users can apply on their desktops. These themes reflect a clean and sleek look. Moreover, they’re equipped with many customization tools for creative minds.

If you don’t believe my word, you can simply go to the Microsoft store and check the available free themes. I don’t claim that there’s something wrong with them. No, they’ll work just perfect if you apply them. But, there’s much more that can be added in a custom theme which is missing from the official themes. So you can check out these awesome looking custom themes for Windows 10 below and download them for free.

  1. Softlight Theme For Windows 10

soft light custom theme for windowns 10

2. Simplify 10 Light Pack For Windows 10

simplify 10 custom theme for windows 10

3. MikuMNML Windows 10 Theme

MikuMNML Windows 10 Custom Theme

4. Accent Windows 10 Custom Theme

Accent Theme For Windows 10

5. Yosemite Black Theme For Windows 10

yosemite windows 10 theme

6. Minimal White Theme For Windows 10

Minimal White Windows 10 Theme

7. All Dark Theme For Windows 10

all dark theme for windows 10

8. Maestix VS Windows 10 Theme


9. Exo Mid Theme For Windows 10


10. Bouquet Windows 10 Theme


11. Elegre Windows 10 Theme

elegre windows 10 theme

12. Fetch Windows 10 Theme

Fetch Windows 10 Theme

13. Hover Aero Theme For Windows 10

hover aero windows 10 theme

14. Light Alpha CC Windows 10 Theme

light alpha cc windows 10 theme

15. Royex Windows 10 Theme

royex windows 10 theme

16. Metcrow Theme For Windows 10

metcrow windows 10 theme

17. Nulito Dark Theme For Windows 10


18. MosMax Light & Dark For Windows 10


19. ADL Blue Light Theme For Windows 10


20. FFox Theme For Windows 10


21. Diversityx VS Theme For Windows 10


22. Dexty Mat Theme For Windows 10


These were my personal favorite Windows 10 custom themes. I hope you guys liked them. I know all of them are from devianart, but trust me devianart is the the root source of most popular Windows themes. I’ll keep on adding more theme in this article frequently so that you can get fresh themes every now and then. So don’t forget to check this articles after 10-15 days for more custom themes for Windows 10.

If you face any issues while installing Windows 10 custom themes, then let us know in the comments. I’ll make sure that your issues gets resolved as soon as possible. Cheers!


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