15+ Movie Streaming Sites Like Solarmovies [2018]

websites like solarmovies

The internet has made accessibility to the online entertainment very simple. With just a series of click you can start watching your favorite movies/tv series in HD without paying anything. It doesn’t matter which kind of movie you’re looking for, sites like Solarmovies can give everything on a silver platter, ready to be consumed. Solarmovie, according to me is the most popular movie streaming website on the Internet, all over the world. There’s no denying in the fact that it is the best place to turn to when you want to stream movie online. However, one must always have a list of backup sites which are similar to solarmovies, for they can be used at times when solarmovie is down.

Since all the online movie streaming sites are free to consume, they aren’t powered by powerful servers. Due to this, they often experience downtime which creates a restriction and can seriously harm your emotions, if you’re someone like me who get offended if not served entertainment when asked. The reason these movie streaming sites are so popular, is because they are so simple to use & navigate through. One can simply search for the movie in the search box or hunt for a unique one using trending and other charts. I guess most of you already agree with what I’m saying and just want to move over to the list of websites like Solarmovie straightaway. So that’s what we’re gonna do!

websites like solarmovies

15+ Popular Sites Like Solamovies To Stream Movies Online

  1. Fmovies

Fmovies is literally the first website I’d think of, if solarmovie is not working for some reason. The userinterface of solarmovies is very much similar to that of solarmovie. Hence, I instinctively like to think that I’m using solarmovie itself. To back this, the working of solarmovie is also similar to that of fmovies. Moreover, I haven’t faced a situation when Id have searched for a movie and I couldn’t find it on fmovies. Moreover, Fmovies has lot of mirror sites. Hence, fmovies work just perfect for me in hard times.

2. Gomovies

I bet not many of you will recognize this website called Gomovies. it is because most of you know it as 123movies. Yes, 123movies was recently rebranded as Gomovies. The rebranding has not affected the service offered by 123movies for all the good reasons. Because gomovies continues to take the legacy forward & provide a great environment for streaming movies & tv series for free. You could spend good time on the homepage and easily find a new movie to watch. The IMDB ratings have been integrated on the movie cover pic to help you take a better decision as to which movie to pick.

3. 123moviesHub

Even though 123movies got rebranded as Gomovies, some mirror sites of 123movies are still in the operations and going great. The 123moviesHub is one of them, which hosts tons of movies and tv series in HD. The latest movies & tv series episode are rolled out quickly which makes it impossible for you to miss any trending entertainment. One can explore different genres and filter latest movies, trending movies as per convenience. I personally find it interesting to watch new movies this way.

4. Vidics

I would like to take the list into a little more variable dimension because all the 3 websites I’ve suggest above match each other in terms of aesthetics as well as working. So if you’re bored of going to similar websites, Vidics might challenge your mood. Apart from hosting movies & TV shows, Vidics also stores information about the stars of these movies. So you can browse through their database and read more about your favorites actors & actresses. To make it even more interesting you can also follow movies & tv series news on Vidics.

5. CMoviesHD

CMoviesHD is like a underrated player of the teams who often pulls off the match when the mainstream players fail. Yes, you might not have heard the name of this sites but it has all the features and abilities you’re ideally looking for. Wide variety of movies and a good collection of tv series. Different charts like to rated movies, most watched today, most requested movies, etc you’re sure to have some fun while exploring CMoviesHD. The streaming quality is up to the mark and there is no reason to keep CMoviesHD off the list.

6. PopcornFlix

I’ll agree to the fact that being well-organized is what boosts aesthetics. This exact statement can be validated live by checking out the PopcornFlix website. No funky color theme or magazine like stuffed pieces. Just clean organization of movies into their respective genres. One might also find some really unique categories like extreme sports. They’ve introduced different depths to categorize movies which has been praised by many loyal users of PopcornFlix.

7. MovieWatcher

Yet again a fantastic website to stream movies online for free. It doesn’t charge a dime from it’s users for letting them watch content online. Nor do you need to go through any necessary registration process. You can directly visit the sites and straightaway start streaming movies of your choice. The coming soon section on the homepage gives you a glimpse of all the upcoming movies which are yet to be released. The clarity of the streaming is top notch and there’s night mode which disables light from the screen apart from the movie block.

8. YesMovies

YesMovies, if I’m not wrong, is the newest entry in the online streaming scene. It has all the essentials which an ideal users looks for in a movie streaming sites. HD streaming for all the movies except the latest ones. One extra features is that you can select country to filter movies, which is not usually found on other streaming sites. The amount of ads are also less when compared to other movie streaming sites. Yes, I just started a movie to check that & I can bet you’ll find less ads on YesMovies.

9. HouseMovie

HouseMovie is free from the regular themes that most movie streaming sites use. There’s no doubt in the collection of movies. As the matter of fact, most movie streaming sites share their source of movies & tv series. Apparently, all of them extract content from torrent. Anyways, HouseMovies is nothing special but a decent site to streaming movies & tv series online in case none of the other are working. The layout is clean and navigation is really simple.

10. Xmovies8

No, trust me this is not a pornographic website. The name sure sounds like one but it’s a legit site where you can stream movies and tv series for free. The generic features like search engine to find a specific movies & other charts like most viewed and IMDB top movies are included on the websites. Most of the movies have hardcoded subtitles which is a great relief for many users as they don’t need to find, download and load subtitles every time.

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Before we move on with the list, I have something to confess. The remaining websites have mostly similar features to those I’ve listed down till now. Hence, I’m not going to explain about much about the sites below. I’ll just list them and let it for you to figure them out. Check out the sites, I’ve already linked them. Go through the homepage, browse some movies and try to play some of them. Experience the good & bad about each of them personally and then make your own priority list as to which one you should be picking up in place of solarmovies if it is down.

12. TubiTV

13. Snagfilms

14. NiterMovies

15. MovieNolimit

16. WatchNewMovies

So here we come to the end of the best solarmovies alternatives. I hope you’ll have a good time exploring all the sites I’ve listed. Movie streaming sites are very uncertain and I won’t be surprised if one of the above gets shutdown by the time you’re reading this article. So if that happens, let me know in the comments below and I’ll quickly find a replacement. Cheers!


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