Best UKTV Now Alternatives For Android

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UkTVNow is the best live streaming application which offers various services to users. This app is considered better than other applications available on internet. You can enjoy videos and TV shows without any interruption on Android phones, Firestick and PC. UkTVnow has  millions of users around the world who are enjoy free live streaming of various vents and sports tournament on their devices. It is a good example of Portable TV on which you can watch over 150 channels from almost 10 countries. Isn’t it incredible that you can stream your favorite channels anywhere and anytime. But if somehow you are not able to use this app or wanted to use other sources for watching the videos then the market is filled with these kinds of apps.

There are number of live streaming application which is available for iOS and Android devices. You can use them as alternatives for UkTVNow apk. These applications allow you to save your favorite video to watch them later. They also give the free streaming of channels just like UkTVNow. We know that everyone is not aware about these wonderful apps so we decided to share this article with the best UKTVNow alternatives. You can download these applications from the link given in this article. The more you will explore this post the more useful alternatives you will get.

UkTVNow Alternatives- Best Apps Like UkTVNow

Here we are going to discuss about the best apps which you can use as replacement for UkTVNow. They offer the almost same services like UkTVNow and are compatible for iOS, Android devices. We are sure that these apps will give you same video watching experience that you get while using the UkTVNow. So let’s uncover these amazing applications one by one.

  1. Mobdro- This app is available for free and premium users with some difference in features. It offers various services which are similar to UkTVNow like HD videos, filter channels, save favorites and more. But if you want to enjoy more features with advance settings then you have to upgrade your account to premium. However  It is known as the best app with million numbers of users all over the world. People are fond of watching the videos in HD quality ranging from 240P to 1080P on this app.  If you want to use this app then download it from the link given below

Download Mobdro

  1. Ustream- UStream is an Android and IOS based live streaming application which gives you various services. UkTVNow has a drawback that it is just Android supportive app which is countered in this application. But various features of UkTVNow are not available in this application. It offers the services like uploading videos and interacting with the audiences. This is user friendly and a good alternative for teams , marketers and broadcasters. Also you can securely share your videos with other team members.

Download Ustream

  1. Mivo- Mivo is another iOS and Android supportive live streaming application. You will get about 45 channels from all over the world. The streaming quality is good and you can watch the uninterrupted videos on this app. well it is not limited to just these features, you can save and share the favorite videos with friends and family members.

Download Mivo

  1. Crackle- Crackle is one of the best alternatives for UkTVnow. It will complete your digital requirement at one place. This app will recommend you videos related to your searches and watched videos. Also  it is compatible with almost all devices. You can watch the videos from where you have left as the app will resume the video where it was left. Moreover the registration to this app is free and you can explore it vast library full of videos, TV shows and more. To download this app click on the link given below

Download Crackle


The apps shared above are best alternatives for UkTVNow. Also they are available for iOS platform so you can easily use them in iPhone, iPad  and more. UKTVNow is one of the best live streaming apps but as it is not available for iOS devices people face many difficulties in installing the app. There are number of other alternatives too on internet which can be used by you. We have provided the best alternatives to you. And if you have more suggestions and information regarding the alternatives then do write about them in the comment section. This will help our other users to get valuable details. We are ending this article here. For more details visit this page again.


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