Frost Snow Globe Build | Warframe

Frost Snow Globe Build

Frost Snow Globe build is one of the insane modes builds in the game.

It is basically indestructible and the sooner you realize that the game will improve exponentially.

This is more suited for those veteran players who like to last longer than most of the players.

Frost build is one the few builds in this game which provides the maximum size and power efficiency to spam for longer periods with the indestructible snow globe.

Every build has its good and bad side, so does the frost build.

Let’s check out the advantages and disadvantages before discussing the exact build.


  • Indestructible
  • Large and lasts longer
  • Highest power efficiency which helps for a continuous spam


  • The 4-second rule for the globe
  • Sometimes you are forced to spam
  • It becomes a pure support class even being called the indestructible mode

Now that we know all the good and bad features of this build, it is time to check the required skills for this build.

There are 5 must have modules for this build without which you cannot be called indestructible frost build.

To ensure that you have these modules, I’ll provide an explanation on why we use these skills which helps understand and maybe even improve your gameplay.

The first two modules are mandatory to last long and also assist with the snow globe in this build.

  • Overextend
  • Stretch
  • Fleeting – This module gives increased efficiency than a stream with no negative for this build. Having both Fleeting and the stream is bad due to the energy efficiency cap.
  • Flow, rage and quick thinking – In case you are unable to put the globe, any damage to the health will generate energy. Flow will capture this energy along with whatever picked up. Quick thinking will save your character so that you can get a globe down and allow a Trinity Blessing.
  • Equilibrium – Usually many go with Nekros since it adds more energy to this build.
  • Snow Globe – This is the module which makes frost build to be in insane mode and stay for longer time.
  • With 2 more slots left, you could choose either health, shields or armor. Health will always give you more energy with rage and armor helps for the globe to last longer initially. Just so you know, shields become useless later in the game, so I’d really not recommend it.

One of the main reasons for Frost build to be called a support is because of the long-range weapon used.

A heavy hitting accurate weapon with slow load time is recommended since you are covered by your entire team.

The 4-second time frame is only available for you to get as many out of your globe to reply it.

Sniper rifles are recommended here, even though they are slow with high damage rate, you are always covered by your teammates.

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Size matters here, the larger the size of the globe, the better you are at playing frost build.

This also helps for better vision and coverage to support your team even from quite a distance.

The best time to use this build is for those defense missions when you don’t want something or someone to die.

Snowglobe freezes enemies and you can usually stand in a single place to snipe the targets with ease.

There are a few who use this build for sortie assassination missions by placing the snow globe at the right time and place.

Another benefit is if the boss arena is open or boss summons some ads, snow globe will freeze them when they try to enter.

This is also one of the end game build that players love to tweak and quirk with.

There are other modules used here to increase the freeze time and movement speed of enemies in between 30% to 75%.

Those modules help in clearing the mission at a fast or slow rate depending on how you build it.

Final Thoughts

Survivability is the highest priority for this build since they are the last to be left alive with their snow globe and freeze and slow skills.

When you wish to play frost globe build for end game, you belong to the veteran class and know how to exploit the build to the optimum level, have fun with this insane build!


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