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Nekros Prime Build Warframe

Nekros Prime is the third prime warfare introduced through a cinematic in August 2016.

It overtook its predecessor Saryn Prime with overwhelming features and build options.

Even after more than a year of its release, Nekros Prime or Desecrate warframe is still effective.

Talking about the Nekros Prime, in particular, it is the Prime variant of the Nekros Warframe with higher shields and power values being featured with an additional polarity.

The Nekros Prime possesses a passive ability wherein, any contact with the Orokin Void Death Orb will release energy pulse which grants 250 units of energy to nearby allies.

This passive ability is quite handy and it can occur only once per death or instance and it can even occur after the death or has been destroyed or previously destroyed.

Nekros prime is the 3rd as per the warframe lore in succession with Saryn Prime.

This was released in TennoCon 2016.

The ability of these Nekros prime to produce shadows is more grotesque, which resembles a rotting corpse compared to the normal ethereal like shadows.

Manufacturing Requirements

Nekros prime can be manufactured using 25000 credits, 1 Neuroptics, Chassis, System and 3 Orokin Cell with a 72 hour wait time.

Coming to the individual parts required to manufacture Nekros Prime, Neuroptics, Chassis, and System has to be built before you could manufacture the complete Prime.

With a 12 hour wait time for all 3 components, they need individual parts to build these components.

Neuroptics needs 15000 credits, 15000 Alloy Plate, 3 Neural Sensors, 12000 Polymer Bundle and 5 Nitain Extract with a 12-hour time or rushes the build with 25 Platinum credits.

Chassis needs 15000 credits, 3 Morphics, 18000 Ferrite, 6000 Rubedo and 2 Argon Crystals with a 12 hour wait time or 25 platinum credits for the instant component.

The system needs 15000 credits, 3 Control Module, 3 Tellurium, 15000 Salvage and 500 plastids with a12 hour wait time or 25 platinum credits for the instant component.

All these items have specific drop locations along with the blueprint to build the Nekros Prime.

Latest News

3 new primes have been introduced to warframe namely:

  • Zephyr Prime
  • Tiberon Prime
  • Kronen Prime

One of the best builds

There are many mods and different types of builds recommended based on these mods and difficulty level.

However, there is always a common and effective build for Nekros Prime which works well with different mods.

With many experienced players sharing their build, this is one the best builds for Nekros Prime:

  • Health Conversion and Despoils are mandatory
  • Shield of shadows and vitality are recommended with a few favoring redirections instead of vitality
  • Low level with maximum range farming build should be – Rejuvenation, Cunning Drift, Health Conversion, Vitality, Stretch, Overextended, Transient Fortitude, Despoil, Shield of Shadows and Streamline
  • To have that extra survival during the end game, we could switch Cunning Draft, Overextended and Stretch with Power Drift, (Primed) Continuity and Intensify respectively. Other possible and good changes would be Rejuvenation and Streamline can be replaced with Corrosive Projection and Equilibrium respectively.
  • Equilibrium has its drawback, you need to constantly search or pick up health and energy orbs to maintain your health since Despoil will keep draining it. Streamline doesn’t have this disadvantage and I’d prefer this over Equilibrium.

Nekros can be used to join any farming party without the need to change your specifications or build due to its elaborate gameplay options.

Warframe Nekros Build

Warframe build for Nekros can vary from player to player.

However, we have provided a general and most likely used mods for Nekros to help you understand to adapt to this build within no time.

Let’s talk about resource farm mods.

The priority should be in the following order for farm build: Range – Efficiency – Health – Support Mods in general.

This is the most effective way to farm resources with ease.

Talking about the actual mods, the order should look like this:

  • Physique
  • Overextended/Stretch/Cunning Drift
  • Natural Talent
  • Vitality/Redirection
  • Streamline/Fleeting Expertise
  • Despoil

And these two optional mods, if you like to experiment a little:

  • Equilibrium
  • Soul Survivor

Final Thoughts

Since its release in August 2016, Nekros Prime has been showing interesting builds and gameplay.

These diversified builds have peaked the interest of fellow gamers to such levels, they intend to build a new set of mods every day to check for gameplay variations.


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