How Many People Can Watch Hulu At Once?

how many people can watch hulu at once

Hulu is one of the biggest service provider for streaming online videos on a subscription based plan as compared to Netflix. But not exactly in the way Netflix does. Then you might be thinking what makes Hulu so different from the video streaming giant Netflix. We’ll tell you that, based on how many people can watch Hulu at once.

how many people can watch hulu at once

Have you ever used Apple’s family sharing feature? It allows you along with your family members to avail services at once without any hassle. In simple, you and any of your family members can watch, play videos and music at the same time without being interrupted. The same does the Netflix. It also allows you to make changes to your account to create your sharing list where you and any of your family members, friends can use the same account at once.

But, does Hulu provide such features to share playlists and watch it at the same time? We are going to tell you the real number of people who can watch Hulu at once simultaneously. Keep scrolling.

What Features Does Hulu Provide To Its Users?

For your knowledge, you should know that Hulu alone has crossed 17 million subscribers in the United States. So, before we start about the topic, take a look at these notable features of Hulu App.

  • With Hulu, you can create 6 individual profiles under your main account. Those accounts could be used by any of your friends or family members with personalized experience.
  • You can also delete the searched from your history. That’s fun!
  • You can record your Hulu streaming. There is an option to record 50 hours of Hulu live streaming in your main account. Yes, You can now even record live TV!
  • You can even pause, rewind and fast forward the live TV in Hulu. I don’t know if any other app allows to do so.

Still eager to know how many people can watch hulu at once? We have the answer for your question. Scroll below to see.

About Hulu’s Subscription Packs & Screen Sharing

As you know, Hulu comes with 2 major plans for its customers. From those 2 plans, the first one does allows you to stream videos without any annoying ads, and the 2nd allowing you to catch live videos as they start on the stage. Yeah, they both are cool. But, however Hulu doesn’t allows or has any official plan for its users to share accounts at the same time.

Don’t worry. Here is the catch!

In the meantime when we tried to stream Hulu on 2 multiple devices, it really worked out. Though Hulu doesn’t allows or has any features to stream on multiple device at once, but somehow we were able to stream Hulu on 2 devices.

After that, we tried to do the same with another device. But the experience wasn’t that much pleasant. A pop-up appeared on the third screen saying, “Too Many Active Videos”. It said in the description that Hulu only allows stream one video at only one device.

But we were already streaming Hulu in two devices at once, which makes the story much different.

Actually, there is an add-on for Hulu users by which maximum two people can catch one same video at the same time. And it has a pricing too. You just have to spend $14.99/mo for using the Hulu add-on which will allow two peoples to watch one video having different devices.

We Have One Good News Which is Not Shared Yet, Don’t Leave!

This is one of the cool features of Hulu which some people might don’t know. You can share accounts with different people, but not at the same time being.

In addition to what we said in the above descriptions, Hulu allows its user to create total six numbers of profiles in the main account. Which means that six different people can use one Hulu account, but not at the same time. So, next time you are done watching videos on Hulu, then another user of your account can take over and watch his/her preferred video.


The account hold can create max 6 profiles under one account as we told you. Hulu really does allows its user to share accounts. All the user has to do is to create his/her required numbers of profiles in the account and they are ready to share.

But remember, only two people can watch Hulu at once using the add-on. And the profiles can be customized according to their field of interests of the users and will have separate histories after all.

So what are you waiting for? Now you know the exact number of people who can watch Hulu at once on their devices. Just go and catch up some amazing videos on Hulu with your family members or friends. Don’t forget to share your experience with us.


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