How To Fix “Your Connection Is Not Private” On Android?

your connection is private

Internet browsing is nothing new. Even smartphones come equipped with all the tools required for convenient Internet browsing. However, on if you’re someone who spends considerable amount of time surfing different websites, then you might have come across “Your connection is private” error frequently. It doesn’t matter if you smartphone is latest or you updated the system just a minute back. So how to get rid of this SSL error? Let’s discuss more about it.

your connection is private


My apologies for not explaining SSL before mentioning in last paragraph. SSL is essentially a certificate given to websites by a specific authority to verify the identity of the website & encrypt the information oscillating between your browser and the server on which the website is hosted.

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How does this help? If you’re visiting a website, which is not SSL certified, then a third party can, with skillful activities, intercept & record the information from your browser. They can even make illegal use of this information. Hence, the SSL certificate ensures that the information can be read only by the website after decryption. Now that you’ve a general idea about SSL, we can take down the actual problem.

How To Fix SSL Connection Errors On Android?

There are a couple of ways this can be done. I recommend trying out each of the method. The method which worked for you may not work for someone else, and vice-versa. However, one from the list will definitely solve the issue.

#1 Update Date & Time

Incorrect date & time on android smartphone are root cause of majority of the errors smartphone users get. So go to the Settings and make sure the date & time are correct.

#2 Clear Browsing Data Of Browser

Just like updating date & time can solve many errors on smartphone, clearing browsing data can solve most of the errors on your browser. So go to “Privacy” in Menu and then “Settings” to clear browsing data. It is not necessary to delete all sorts of browser data, you can skip saved passwords.

#3 Change Internet Connection

if you’re currently browsing on WiFi, then try to connect your smartphone to another WiFi network or switch on the Mobile Data. or if you’re using Mobile Data, then try to look for a WiFi connection.

#4 Disable Antivirus

Most antiviruses are instructed to protect you from sites without SSL certificates. Sometimes disabling the antivirus can remove the filter and help you access the website.

#5 Reset Your Device

If the website you’re trying to access is very important for you to visit, then as a last resort you can take a backup and then reset your device. This will definitely solve the issues and you’ll be able to surf the website after the reset.

I hope by the end of the list of methods, you’re done solving “your connection is private” android error. Cheers!


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