Nano Sim Template | Cut MicroSIM Into Nano-SIM [Guide]

Nano Sim Template

It is undeniably exiting to shift from a smartphone which has a MicroSIM to one which has Nano-SIM. You’ve probably got a new smartphone for yourself, so first of all Congratulations! Now you must be looking for a guide to cut MicroSIM into Nano-SIM. Let me tell you that you don’t need to go anywhere to do this. This can be done at home easily. In this guide I’m going to explain how you can use Nano SIM template to cut MicroSIM into Nano-SIM.

Disclaimer: Nacstop blog does not take any responsibility for any loss occurred following this guide, do it at your own risk. 

Nano Sim Template


  1. Regular or MicroSIM card.
  2. Nano sim template (which you’ll need to take a printout of).
  3. Sharp cutter or pair of scissors.
  4. Sand paper (Optional)

Nano SIM Card Template

It is highly advisable not to proceed before having a Nano SIM template with you. One can simply download the Nano Sim template from Gosoftworks. You can select the appropriate size of your printing paper and download it’s template.

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Make sure, that while printing you do not choose any option, like Fit to page, which can change the size of Nano Sim template. This will prove costly as your SIM card can get destroyed and will remain of no use.

How To Cut Micro Sim Into Nano Sim?

First of all, keep your SIM Card on the printed template and check if it fits perfectly or not. If it doesn’t then print it again and make sure that the size is not changing after printing.

  1. Put the SIM card on template in it’s position and stick it there with the help of a tape.
  2. Use the cutter/knife to mark outlines, make slight cuts visible enough to guide you when you go for the actual cutting.
  3. Now with the help if scissors/cutter, skim through the outlines marked and cut out the Sim card.

It is recommended that you use a good cutter/scissors for the actual cutting for clean cut out. The optimum way would be to running over the cutter over the outline repeated until the sim card cuts out into a Nano sim.

Remember I asked you to get a Sand paper? If you managed to get it, then you can actually cut out a slightly bigger sim and then use sand paper to improvise and wipe of that extra sim to fit perfectly. Do not try to rub the sand paper over the gold area, this could damage the SIM Card.

Now some SIM cards have a bigger Gold area and hence you’ll have to cut it off. So don’t worry, as long as it fits into the template, you got nothing to worry about. So that was all about cutting Micro SIM into Nano. I hope you guys will be able to do it successfully with a little caution. If you face any issues, feel free to comment below.


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