Best Free Video Editing Softwares Without Watermark


We live in a world where posting pictures or videos of a trip you just returned from, is as important as the trip itself, if not more. Social media interactions are at an all-time high and we spend more time in the virtual world inside our phones than the real world we live in. This very reason has fuelled the need for all sorts of photo editing and video editing applications that better this process of sharing.

Choosing the best free video editing software can be a daunting task especially when you realize that most of these applications are watermarked. Of course, no one wants their videos to constantly display a watermark and dull its beauty.

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free video editing software no watermark

So here are some of the best free video editing software without watermark that you can use to edit your videos and share with the world: 

List of Free Video Editing Software without Watermark

  1. ApowerEdit:

    ApowerEdit is one of the top online video editors with no watermarks. There are two editing modes that you can choose from – 16:9 and 4:3 depending on your raw video aspect ratio. The timeline design is very simple and lets you keep a track of the whole editing process of the videos.

Features of ApowerEdit:

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  • You can edit the video frame by frame.
  • You can add text, overlays, filters as well as transitions to the video.
  • You can adjust the volume of the video as well as add mosaic to it.


  1. Video Converter Studio:

    This is another powerful free video editor without watermark that gives you a more professional-looking touch. It allows you to make videos with photos and preset transition templates. It has a very powerful video converter inside that supports output videos in all formats.

Features of Video Converter Studio:

  • It can record audios and videos in high fidelity.
  • It offers you the option to protect your videos using your own watermarks if you wish.
  • It lets you create animated GIF images with videos.


  1. YouTube Editor:

    YouTube is a widely-used and famous video sharing site and it also has its own YouTube editor that uses no watermarks. This free online video editor can be especially beneficial for people who have their own YouTube channels.

Features of YouTube Editor:

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  • You can add music to your video clips from the library of the site.
  • You can trim your clips to custom lengths and modify its visual effects.
  • It provides all the basic essential editing features that an amateur can easily grasp and apply.


  1. Avidemux:

    This free online video editing software can be used for simple cutting, encoding, and filtering jobs. It lets you modify the visual effects of a clip without affecting the quality. You also have the added advantage of Avedimux Wiki that assists you in learning the software and everything you need to know about it.

Features of Avidemux:

  • It is available for Microsoft Windows, Linux, BSD, MAC OS X among other devices.
  • It supports many formats of movie files including AVI, DVD, and ASF.
  • It is also capable of non-linear video editing, rotating clips, and adjusting colors.


  1. Blender:

    This open source video editing software has tons of features to keep you hooked without having to deal with the menace of watermarks. It is a dynamic 3-D animation suite that allows you to play with a lot of features.

Features of Blender:

  • This free online video editor allows for modeling, motion tracking, rendering and a lot more.
  • It has countless features ranging from speed control filters, adjustment layers, to name a few.
  • It features 32 slots to add video clips, images, audio clips that can be used to produce some awesome videos.

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  1. VideoGrabber:

    This video editing software works on windows as well as your MAC and leaves no watermark on your videos. Among other features, it lets you adjust your video clips to slow motion and also adjust the volume in your clips.

Features of VideoGrabber:

  • It lets you cut, trim, split, crop and rotate your videos among other functions.
  • It supports downloading of films from 1000+ sites.
  • It allows you to import your video file from the local disk and convert it to other codecs.


  1. Windows Movie Maker:

    This video editing software is mostly present by default in your Windows OS and is very effective for beginners. Movie Maker is full of features that are more than enough to fine tune a video.

Features of Windows Movie Maker:

  • It has an easy-to-use interface which is ideal for basic edits like split, merge, rotate videos and more.
  • It also allows you to use captions, visual effects and music to enrich your video.
  • It supports almost all types of audios, videos and photo formats.

So these are some of the top free video editing software without watermarks that you can use to beautify your video and share it with the world. Choose what suits you the best and have fun editing.


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